No Ordinary People


Easter 2016


In his sermon “The Weight of Glory” preached in 1941, C.S. Lewis made this observation: “There are no ordinary people.” During the Easter season at Holy Spirit Church our sermons will focus on some of the “ordinary people” that we read about in the life of the early Church as described in the Acts of the Apostles. By doing this we discover that the resurrection life offered to us by Jesus Christ means that there are indeed no ordinary people!



March 27: Easter Day

Acts 10.34-43; Psalm 118.14-24; 1 Corinthians 15.19-26; John 20.1-18

Sermon by Fr. Brian Hughes


April 3: Second Sunday of Easter

Acts 5.27-32; Psalm 118.14-29; Revelation 1.4-8; John 20.19-31

Sermon by Justin Mann


April 10: Third Sunday of Easter

Acts 9.1-20; Psalm 30; Revelation 5.11-14; John 21.1-19

Sermon by Fr. Brian Hughes


April 17: Fourth Sunday of Easter

Acts 9.32-43; Psalm 23; Revelation 7.9-17; John 10.22-30

Sermon by Fr. David Montzingo


April 24: Fifth Sunday of Easter

Acts 11.1-18; Psalm 148; Revelation 21.1-6; John 13.31-35

Sermon by Fr. Brian Hughes


May 1: Sixth Sunday of Easter

Acts 16.9-15; Psalm 67; Revelation 21.22-22.5; John 14.23-29

Sermon by Jack Davenport


May 8: Sunday after the Ascension

Acts 16.16-34; Psalm 97; Revelation 22.12-21; John 17.20-26

Sermon by Fr. David Montzingo


May 15: Day of Pentecost

Acts 2.1-21; Psalm 104.24-35; Romans 8.14-17; John 14.8-17

Sermon by Fr. Brian Hughes


May 22: Trinity Sunday

Proverbs 8.1-4 and 22-31; Psalm 8; Romans 5.1-5; Joh n 16.12-15

Sermon by Fr. Brian Hughes