Exploring the First Testament

As Christians we have a Bible that comes to us in two parts, called ‘testaments.’  We call them testaments because they are witnesses or manifestations of the person and plan of God.  While for many Christians the older of these two witnesses is often neglected, Jesus held that it was of vital importance.  These 39 books form a witness to him (see Luke 24:25-27, 44-45; John 6:39‑40).  And even after Jesus’ ascension, this first testament was the authority to justify the claims that the early church made about Jesus.

On Sunday, January 13th we’ll begin a six week course in which we’ll study the first five books of the Old Testament, taught by Fr. Brian.  Over the course of this time, we’ll survey what is in each of these books, how they are structured, and how they function as a witness to the God we meet in Jesus Christ.