The Six Peaks Challenge

You’re invited to come and ascend the summit of South Fortuna Peak in Mission Trails Regional Park on Saturday, February 9th at 9am.  We’ll meet at the parking lot at the intersection of Jackson Drive and Mission Gorge Road.  The hike is rated as moderate.  Be sure to bring sun protection and plenty of water.  For more information on the trail, see the park’s trail map.  You can also read a blog post which summarizes the hike here.

Why are we doing this?  In order to raise our awareness and offer our prayers in support of missionary activities around the world and in our own home.  Our time will focus on initiatives underway by Anglicans who are partners with our diocese, the Diocese of Western Anglicans.  These partners are focused internationally on Thailand, Belize, and Bolivia.  Here in the United States our diocese has mission efforts which focus on Hispanic ministry, university campuses, and urban centers.

If you cannot hike, you can still participate!  Feel free to download the prayer guide and pray along with us, either as we hike or whenever you would like.