On Holy Ground: Urbana 2018

Every three years, InterVarsity Christian Fellowships hosts a transformative mission conference called Urbana.  The conference was originally hosted at the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, but outgrew that facility.  Since that growth it has been held in St. Louis, MO.  During the four days of the conference, between ten and sixteen thousand college students gather to study Scripture, hearing speakers, and attend workshops all directed at equipping them to be world changers on mission for the sake of Christ.

This year, Ian Bernados, a member of our congregation, attended Urbana along with fellow students and staff from InterVarsity at San Diego State University.  Here’s what Ian had to say of his experience:

God did a lot for me at Urbana. I felt encouraged in my faith and clearly felt God’s presence while I was there. The experience of worshipping with 10,000 other people was amazing and breathtaking. Some things that God put in my heart while I was there is the importance and influence of social justice movements as well as the global church and missions. God also emphasized the importance of sharing your faith to the people in your life that don’t know you. Just remember God loves you and wants you to stay close to him.

These kinds of powerful encounters give just some of the reasons many of us support InterVarsity’s work on campus.  I encourage you to connect with Ian to learn more of how God met him and continues to shape his life.