Vision of South Bay Anglican Community

In the illustration below, you can see a picture of the values that will hold up the South Bay Church Plant. In the months ahead, our goal is to begin orienting potential partners and donors around this common vision and values. There are definite practices attached to each value that our community will begin orienting towards in the coming months. Also, a concrete plan with goals and different phases is beginning to take shape. One small concise statement to try to bring all of these ideas together is our vision statement: “Life Together Following Jesus to Extend God’s Blessing.”

We were all created to worship the one true God, and be in relationship with Him. All of us are hardwired to praise and enjoy an object of our affection. After the fall, this truth has not changed, but the direction, or orientation of our affections has. No longer are we able to orient our hearts and minds to the one true object of our greatest affections – God, but lesser “idols” seek to take a seat on the throne of our hearts. Worship then is happening at all times in all places, but it changes orientation from a vertical one (God) to a horizontal one (people, places, possessions). Therefore, the center of Christian effort is towards reorientation or proper formation back to God. This required the death of the Son of God upon the cross on our behalf. All efforts of Christians towards the lost, or those far from God, to reorient them to the object of our greatest need and affection is called mission. Indeed, mission exists because worship doesn’t. To go about this most effectively, multiplication of disciples has to take place to reach those far from God, over 6 billion people. The foundation of mission, formation and discipleship is a community, namely the body of Christ. This is not just a collection of like-minded people prescribing to common beliefs, but it is a divine organism functioning as the beach-head of the Kingdom of God! This community exists in a place where so many cultures, world views, socio-economic differences, and generational differences exist. Thus, this community must be sensitive to these differences.

As you can see below, the two foundational values are Community and Cultural sensitivity. The three pillar values are Mission, Formation and Multiplication.


There is more to come in the following weeks to fill in the practical side of the vision and values of SBAC! Stay tuned!