Eastertide Family Event

Each Sunday in the fifty day season of Easter we read from the Acts of the Apostles, the record of how the Risen Lord empowered his church to bring the good news to all nations.  Throughout this book, the Holy Spirit overcomes obstacle after obstacle so that more people can be brought into this renewed family of God.  As people of the Resurrected Jesus, that empowered call continues today as we share in this ministry to bringing the love of God into our neighborhoods.

On Sunday, May 19th our church will engage in this work through blessing and partnering with San Diego Refugee Tutoring (SDRT).  This ministry provides one-on-one tutoring and holistic academic support to refugees at Ibarra Elementary School in eastern City Heights.  Many in our congregation are involved with this work, and we will have the opportunity to hear from them over the upcoming weeks.

Our partnership for the event will take the form of donating items such as children’s reading books, gym shoes, shampoo, and lotions.  You’ll have the chance to sign up for these donations every Sunday leading up to the event on the 19th of May.

After the event, our partnership with this ministry, and with the broader movement of God it represents, can continue.  San Diego hosts one of the largest populations of refugees in the United States; they are neighbors to all of us.  At our Eastertide Family Event we’ll have resources for praying for these populations as well as ways to get involved with SDRT itself.  Whatever form our commitment takes, let it be our prayer that God would continue to open our eyes to the foreigner in our midst, that we might show them the love of Christ, just as we were shown God’s extravagant love while we were yet strangers and enemies to God (see Romans 5).