What to Expect at the Easter Family Event

Over the past two Sundays we have heard testimonies of how God has met those in our congregation who have connected with the ministry of San Diego Refugee Tutoring.  Our hope in this Easter season is to bless this ministry through an effort culminating on Sunday, May 19th.  Leading up to this day each of us will have the opportunity to purchase needed items to donate to equip the students to continue to learn and grow.

On the day of our event, we will have the chance to celebrate God’s generosity through our congregation by gathering all of the donated items together and blessing them for the ministry.  We will also eat a meal together, furthering our love for one another.  We will hear more about San Diego Refugee Tutoring and be invited to different levels of involvement.  Finally, we will engage in a multi-generational activity (some might call it a game) to continue to learn how to cross borders for the sake of the kingdom.

Our God provides abundant for His people and invites us to share in His pattern of life: being rich and yet for the sake of others becoming poor so that others might share in our riches (see 2 Corinthians 8:9).  Plan on being there on the 19th to see and celebrate God’s work among us.