Prayer Walking the SDSU Campus

On Saturday, September 14th, members of Holy Spirit Church were joined by InterVarsity staff workers to prayer walk through the campus of San Diego State University.  John & Trina Adams, Brian & Meredith Bernados, Ian Bernados, Jeff & Mary Linam, and Fr. Brian all took part in the walk led by Gabby Manriquez and Matt Rogers.

We gathered at 9am at Faith Presbyterian Church and then walked to the dorms, the library, and Scripps Cottage, where InterVaristy holds their large group gatherings.  Along the way, the IV staff told us about the campus, their ministry, and their hopes for the coming year.  Our group would then pray that God would move in the hearts of students in theses various places.  As Anglicans, we also naturally had some liturgical elements sprinkled in.  We ended our time by anointing and blessing Gabby and Matt and praying for God’s provision for them and His work on the campus.

Our time together was a tremendous blessing.  We learned that Matt’s ministry is particularly focused on graduate students and faculty members.  We also had campus issues raised to our concern, such as the immense pressure on students sense of identity.  All told, it was a wonderful way to embody our belief that God is present on the campus and our desire to walk faithfully with Him there.

We will hold three more prayer walks throughout the fall: one on October 5th, another on November 2nd, and a final prayer walk on December 7th.  Each will be led by different IV staff, with focus on their aspect of ministry.

If you are interested in joining us, or have any questions, please contact Fr. Brian.