Searching for Our New Worship Home

Over the past year, we have known that our time of worshiping at Bethel Seminary San Diego was limited. Bethe University decided to close the San Diego seminary and sell the building. Since then, as tenants notified that our landlord intended to sell, we have been at work to find a new home for our worship.

We can be thankful for many things, one of which is certainly the hours and energy expended by our worship location search team to investigate many different possibilities over the past few months. If you see Fr. David, Bill Markwardt, Mike Godwin, Diane Godwin, and Randy Mason, please express your gratitude to them.
On Friday, September 27th, the team submitted the following three locations to the staff and vestry for our consideration:
  • Lewis Middle School, 5170 Greenbrier Avenue, San Diego. Lewis has availability for an afternoon service, and our congregation would be first on a waiting list for a morning time if that opens up.
  • Serra High School, 5156 Santo Road, San Diego. Serra is available on Sunday mornings.
  • St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 4816 Glen Street, La Mesa. St. Andrew’s has availability for an afternoon service, as their congregation worships in the morning.
The process from here is for the staff to visit each of these locations, which we will do on Wednesday, October 2nd. We will attempt to articulate what Holy Spirit Church life would look like in the various locations to supplement the team’s report to the vestry. Then the vestry will meet on October 9th to deliberate. Part of our timeline is to ensure that the vestry has adequate time to make as wise a decision as possible in anticipation of a move in early January.
To be clear, we are seeking a vision from the Lord on how He wants us to embody His kingdom in this next location. Please be praying for the vestry and staff as we move forward.
Also, our search team continues to look into locations; their job is not done. If they find a location they feel is a much better option, they will notify the staff and vestry.
As part of our church family, please pray. Feel free to express your opinions, thoughts, and ideas with the vestry. Additionally, if you think there is a location that we have overlooked, go ahead and check it out and then send it on to either Fr. David or Fr. Brian with information and your evaluation of its room for growth, parking, availability, and beauty.