Welcoming the Bishop to Holy Spirit Church

Over the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd our church will host Bishop Keith Andrews, the bishop of the Diocese of Western Anglicans, of which we are a part.  On Saturday, November 2nd, we will host an appetizer and dessert potluck reception for the bishop from 4-6pm (location TBD).  This will be a more informal time to meet the bishop and have a conversation with him.  There will be a short program in which the bishop will share some of the efforts of the diocese to bring the Gospel to under-reached or unreached populations.

On Sunday morning, November 3rd, the bishop will preach the sermon as well as lead our celebration of communion.  This promises to be a powerful time of hearing Bishop Keith proclaim God’s word and feed us from both word and table.  Plan on joining us!

An important book for my (Fr. Brian’s) understanding of the role of bishops has been The Gospel and the Catholic Church by former Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey.  I recommend the whole book, but two lines stand out in my memory:

“The ministry [of the bishop] is important as linking the Christians with the historic events of Jesus Christ, since Christian experience is not a spirituality unrelated to history, but bears witness to its derivation from Jesus in the flesh” (pg 68)

and “the Bishop does not have a greatness of his own, he is the organ of the one Body who represents to the Christians their dependence within the Body, and to the local Church its dependence within the historic family, whose worship is one act” (page 69).

In other words, the bishop links us back to the apostles and embodies for us a mutual dependence of the local church and the larger Body of Christ.