The Kingdom on Campus

On Sunday, December 8th we will host our annual Advent Event after our worship service.  As with each of our Advent and Pentecost events, we have partnered with a great organization.  For this event our partner is InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at SDSU.  We hope to not only bless them with gifts, but also to open up various ways in which we can get involved in their ministry to students on campus.

We desire to be a church that shares the love of God in our neighborhoods.  One neighborhood which we hope to reach with God’s love is our own; our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and classmates with whom we share our lives (our oikos).  But we also have a shared neighborhood in the region around Bethel.  Since our founding in 2010, we’ve hoped to make an impact on the 36,000 students, staff, and faculty at San Diego State University.  Our primary avenue for this impact has been a partnership with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Our goal for this Advent Event will be to bless the 30 InterVarsity student leaders who led Bible studies on San Diego State University, Southwestern College, and Imperial Valley College in their dorm rooms, living rooms, and Greek houses.  Our congregation is invited to either purchase gift cards ($10 Starbucks OR $25 to Target or Trader Joe’s) or donate to the purchase of snacks.

On the day of the event, December 8th, we’ll hear from staff and leaders about their ministry, as well as be able to sign cards to each of the leaders.  Our children will assemble and decorate ornaments to also be given to the leaders.  There will also be opportunities to get involved through financial support, regular private prayer, joining in prayer walks, and more.

The gifts will be given to the leaders at a celebratory dinner on Wednesday, December 11th.