Fall Class: Jesus Among Other Faiths

A regular staple of Holy Spirit Anglican Church is our Sunday morning classes.  These classes run from about 11:30am-12:30pm, after our community lunch.  In this time, we strive to delve into topics which challenge and enrich our Christian life.  In the past we have had classes on how to ready the Bible, how we got the Bible, influential Anglicans of the past, and systematic explorations of what we believe.  Each of these courses is designed to be an opportunity to learn more about our faith and to grow in how we walk it out from day to day.

This Fall, starting September 15th, our class will be Jesus Among Other Faiths in which we will discuss some of today’s world religions.  Each week we will talk about one religion; a brief history of the faith, a survey of some of the key doctrines, and then some connection points with Christianity.  The goal of this is not only to learn more about the faith practiced by those around us, but also to learn how we might introduce Jesus to them in a way that connects and speaks to a particular need.  This will hopefully help each of us in our personal evangelism.  The world religions that we will cover are; Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, and Secularism.

If you have any questions about this class, or any of our other classes, feel free to ask Fr. David, Fr. Brian, or Amy Dewey.  The schedule for the class is below.

09/15 – Introduction
09/22 – Buddhism
09/29 – Islam
10/06 – Judaism
10/13 – Mormonism
10/20 – Hinduism
10/27 – Secularism
Added by popular demand:
11/3 – Jehovah’s Witnesses
11/10 – Scientology

Recordings of these classes can be found under the Media tab.