Throughout Scripture, God invites us into a thriving life with Him.  He promises to work in us and seeks our cooperation with that work as His Spirit transforms us into the image of Christ.  At Holy Spirit Church, we speak of discipleship as the process of growing to love God and love our neighbor more deeply.  Our goal is that everything we do as a church is part of this ongoing process of growing in love.  We know that God forms us through worship, and we offer classes to have our minds formed.  In addition to these things, we also organize discipleship groups that meet regularly.

These discipleship groups have four elements.

  1. Relationships – our discipleship groups consist of 3-4 people who commit to meet regularly for one to two years.  Many of these meetings happen once a month.
  2. Rule of Life – each group member writes their own Rule of Life, which is an expression of what sorts of spiritual disciplines we sense God calling us to take up in order to grow.  At each meeting of the group, every member gets a chance to check in on their Rule of Life and how they are growing through it.
  3. Reading Scripture – the Word of God is what grows in us, so each meeting the group reads Scripture.  This can be done through a Bible study or some other study.  The important thing is that we’re listening to God’s inspired word in order to ask the question, “What is God calling me to do now?”
  4. Replication – God’s desire is that we share what we receive from Him, and our goal for each of our group members is that they grow to the point of inviting others into a similar discipleship process.

If you are interested in these groups, have questions, or would like to join one, please contact Fr. Brian at frbrian@holyspiritchurchsd.org.