Sunday Education Classes

One of the hallmarks of Holy Spirit Anglican Church is the offering of in depth classes on Sunday after our worship service and lunch.  These classes aim to be a balance between the theoretical and the practical.  Each class teaches content but also equips participants to engage with other issues and topics using the tools of the Christian faith.

While there is variety throughout a year, we regularly offer our Cornerstone Courses for Christian Formation.  These courses represent the various areas what we think are the fundamentals of the Christian faith.  They are the foundation and starting point for all Christians.  We encourage all to go through these course first, before taking part in the ‘elective’ courses that are offered.  Our six Cornerstone Courses and their goals are:

  • The Bible – Explains how we got the Bible and the grand story that is told within its pages. Methods for studying on our own and in groups are also introduced.
  • Theology – Introduces the methods we use to explore what we believe and then surveys our beliefs about God, creation, and humanity.
  • Christian Life – Explores the various aspects of our life in Christ as God draws us into a relationship with Him, transforms us, and gives new purpose toward those around us.
  • Christian Family – Introduces the history of the Church family through the lives of Christians from the early church, the Middle Ages, and around the world today.
  • Ethics – Explores God’s call for us in our relationships with other individuals, our surrounding society, and the world He has made.
  • Anglicanism – Introduces the Anglican Church, the particular branch of the global church of which Holy Spirit Church is a part.  We discuss the Anglican story, peculiar aspects of our worship, and our mission in the world.